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Covering up (gross) Wall paneling – Den Update

So, way back when, when the Weeb and I were just two young impressionable kids, we decided that we should take all the money we had (and a whole shit ton that we didn’t) and plop it all in a bunch of walls, windows, flooring and roof. At the time it seemed like such a great idea….and to be honest it was. We have had a massive amount of laughs in this home and a lot of yelling and tears too….mostly concentrated around projects that we thought were also a good idea 😉

When we first looked at this house there was a strange room that was directly off the Living room. It had a glass sliding door….and not just any sliding door, it was clearly a sliding door that at some point was designed to be on the exterior of a house. Honestly, from memory they were trying to market this room as a fourth bedroom, and the kiddo definitely put in a good fight for this to be his bedroom, but we decided to try and be grownups for a second (not easy) and designated the room a Den. The sliding glass door, inside or not, was ideal for closing off the room and shutting out the noise when the Weeb decided to have a History Channel marathon on the weekends.

Aha! A rare glimpse of the kiddo
Our first walkthrough of the house..

Over time we came to realize that the Living Room area was actually “outside” and had been an addition house at some point when the previous owners tried to add more square footage to the interior. This helped explain why there was an exterior sliding glass door on the inside of a house….but don’t worry, that’s not even close to being the strangest thing we have found here (so far?) 😉

Listen here you primitive screwheads!
All those yellow things? Nat Geo’s…Weeb has quite the collection. I think some of them are even holding up the walls.

Basically the entire of the house looked like this when we moved in. Every wall was spray painted white and every ceiling was ceiling white. Nothing outstanding, but it allowed for a lot of imagination and it lended itself nicely to our crazy mismatched furniture while we were coming up with a plan of attack and a reasonable budget.

DSCN1986Teeny tiny den times with the Giz!

That weird looking back wall there? That’s the last owners attempt to seal off an open path/door frame that used to connect this room to the front of the house. To the right you can also see a closet area. This was also added in to this room, effectively making it a whole ton smaller but also lending more weight to the whole ‘yeah this house totally has four bedrooms!’ idea…

Also Gizmo (The Shiz). You’re welcome.


And this is the part of my post where the photos start getting a little ratty. I apologize, but the den is quite small and with the sliding glass door in place it is almost impossible to get a good photo of what is happening.

So….about (eeeeesh) 3 years ago, I made a post about tackling the weird ass paneling that was attached to the back wall of the den. It took some time, but the Patch-N-Paint product I picked up? Total winner. I think all in all, I applied three coats and sanded in between each one. Was it perfect? No. But I knew once we added a coat of pain that the majority of the visual flaws would be hidden.

To be honest, the only way this could be completed to perfection would be either to cover the wall paneling with a textured wallpaper or to rip it down altogether and deal with whatever monstrosity may or may not be hidden back there. Knowing some of the other issues we have found in this house so far (WHY WOULD YOU INSTALL CARPET OVER LAMINATE FLOORING?!?!) and also knowing that this is not our forever home, we decided that this was the best course of action.

So here is where we were right before Nana Margie came for a visit last and tossed some new ideas our way for completing the look of the Den…


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