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Covering up (gross) Wall paneling – Den Fin!

One day I will get Strewth caught up….in fact, now that I have more time on my hands I would like to get back to writing here more. Maybe i’ll even work up the courage to write about 2016…let me just tell you, its a fucking doozy 😉

Soo….right about this time frame, Nana Margie showed up for a visit ❤

Not only is she always the bearer of tim tams and other surprises from home, she is also the bringer of fabulous ideas and plans. On and off over the last couple of years we have talked about this weird “den” area and what we could do to open it up and make it more part of the house as opposed to a closed off, strange, last minute thought of a room.

First, we needed to make the room seem larger by finding someone to remove the weird “closet” afterthought and to see if there was a way to repair the wall that was half-ass built. I may or may not have started singing There’s a Hole in My Bucket at this point…


Luckily, I have the amazing fortune of living next door to a wonderful family that includes a handyman who never minds helping out with projects like this. Hector and his family have always taken care of us when needed and in this instance he told my mum that he wanted to do the job just right because thats how Jack would have wanted it.

Trust me, there were tears.


It took some finagling with different sheets of drywall and boards to get the ‘front’ wall of the den to be the same thickness all the way along, without eating up too much of the space we had in the den. According to Hector this area used to be a walk through from the front door into this smaller space. The previous owners closed it off (to be able to market the house as four bedrooms) and added an inset, floor to ceiling shelf on the other side to mask it.



Hector did an incredible job and even managed to win over Georgia who proclaimed him her new best friend. In the end Hector took out the closet, repaired the front wall so that it was actually an honest to goodness real life wall, spray painted the ceiling bright white (all the beams had been ack! painted antique white) and…..REMOVED THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR!!!


And here is where we came in again.

Instead of painting the walls in the den the same bright white as the ceiling and trim, I chose a slight grey tone that softened the walls, played off the red accent wall and worked with the carpet tiles that were soon to be moving in. If I was more of a home blogger I would even have paint colour names for you, alas I’m not….but at least I’m not a tracer.


Next step – carpet tiles!

In order to make the room appear bigger than it is (again) I decided to lay these down with a 1/4 turn pattern. Installing the tile was actually incredibly easy. If I had done it from start to finish in one go, I would say it would easily take less than a day. The part that takes the longest, is of course measuring and cutting the perimeter.

These have literally been a godsend. We decided against gluing down and instead made sure that they were tight up against the trim so that each tile held the others in place with peer pressure…or something like that. To date I have had no issues with them popping up, even with constant (someone shave these cats pls) vacuuming.

With this many animals and a penchant for early morning coffee, the tiles have also been incredibly easy to keep clean. I managed to walk away from this project with half a box of ‘spare’ tiles, but in the past few years I have not had to break out a single one. The normal routine is to pull up the sad tile, give it a quick rinse in the tub, allow it to dry and pop it back into place. YMMV, but I am constantly trying to brainstorm how else I can use carpet tiles 🙂


Lastly – No idea how on EARTH i managed to complete this project without my assistants…


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