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Sectional Sofa Hunt

I have been talking about a sectional sofa since day 1. Originally we moved in with two sofas – one awesome brown sofa that I bought at Ikea one year (and they quickly discontinued it…no idea why, for $200 it was and is still AWESOME) and a futon sofa/bed. We had the sofa in our Living Room for a while when we first moved in, and the futon was in the den.



The futon was always on the short list of ‘these items must go’, but it filled a need in the meantime, and also gave us an additional sleeping area when we had friends or family in town. When Nana Margie was here last and we worked on OPERATION:DEN we decided it was high time to advertise the futon and move it out.

This left a hole in our Living Room area, so the hunt for the perfect Sectional Sofa hunt went back into high gear.

As you can see from my pinterest addiction board, this has been in the works for a while. I have looked at at ton of different vendors, at many, many different price points…but I kept coming back to the Karlstad from Ikea. It would fit my needs for now, and if I decided to upgrade in the future it wouldn’t feel like such a kick in the money-pants.

Sadly though…when my savings account was about 92% of the way to buying this sectional, I found out the news that the Karlstad was discontinued. Ugh..queue sad face. I took a trip out to Ikea that weekend to have another look at different (lacking) options and noticed that the Karlstad display was still on the floor. Could it be? B sidled up to the lady working in the area and asked if there was any chance that they had any more in stock….or if we could talk about the floor model. A few tip taps on the keyboard and she said….’ummm…2′!

2 of these bad boys were still in stock and I was about to make that 1.

As luck would have it, not only was the discontinued section I wanted in stock, but it was also able to be delivered that afternoon. I may or may not have stayed up late to put all the pieces together….I also may or may not have dropped the heaviest side on my foot. Both of these statements are just rumours though.


So ….the Sectional is in. The current configuration isn’t *exactly* how its going to stay, but for now there are other more important fish to fry and games of furniture tetris to play so that the rest of the rooms can have their day in the sun! As rooms are completed I can move some of the mess goodies back to their homes and finally sort out the remaining furniture in my living room/nerd central.


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