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SUPRISE! Litter box.

So a couple of months ago I was thinking about the cats litter box (as you do) and trying to figure out where it’s forever home could be…at least until the cats pack their bags… Originally it was in the corner of the pantry, but it was moved when the freezer was added. Then it was located in the den (gross) but that was only a temporary solution while the den was being worked on. I know a lot of people have their litter boxes in bathrooms, but neither of the ones here have any extra floor space that would allow a litter box and not include the prospect of poop-litter-feet upon exit from shower.

So what to do. I had a plan in mind of making or building some sort of litter box enclosure that would look like a piece of furniture. Something like this without the crazy price tag..


Kind of nice right? A hidden litter box in plain view of guests. Now just to figure out how to make my plans a reality. I already had an idea of what I was looking for, and I knew where I wanted to have it in the house.

One day I may even be able to take decent photos….but don’t hold your breath 😉

So ideally I was looking for something that would fit under the window and be slightly longer than the window itself, so that it looked like a window seat AND doubled as a second stickybeak area for these pesky four legged meow boxes. To the internet! I started at one of my favourite websites – Ikea Hackers and started hunting through their Pet Furniture Section when I stumbled across this post. Exactly what I was looking for…

Unfortunately this exact model is no longer being made, but the Besta system is still around. So for supplies – I picked up this bad boy on a trip to Ikea and I was “lucky” enough to already own one large litter box. I picked up a second litter box (fits perfectly, and is sized for the larger cat *cough*Sterling*cough*) and hit up Home Depot for some garage mats that were easily cut to size.

So there it is…simple, easy and out of the way. I’d include an action shot, but that’s just gross….even for me.

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Mopping up pennies, or Swiffer magic

Much like most of you DIY-ers, I like being able to save money where I can. I also like a clean house. Contrary to what my mother may tell you.

Anyway, I was perusing Pinterest the other day and I came across this bad boy:

Now see, not only do I like saving money, and having a clean house…but I also like my Swiffer wet jet A LOT. And in other (slightly) related news, I enjoy knitting. The pattern looked pretty simple and I figured I could whip up a test cover while watching some odd movie (Absentia – i do not recommend it).

The cotton yarn I had in mind is pretty cheap at $1.77 per ball (which could technically yield 2 covers) and when you compare that to brand-name pad refills (12 for $6.69), which you cannot throw in the washing machine to clean, I think that’s a pretty good deal.


Getting the pattern started was a test of patience. I’m not sure if it was because I was impatient to get the cover finished, or if it just took a while to get the hang of the pattern…all i know is that there are some not-so-happy stitches in the first pattern repeat that are just lucky they got hidden in the seam. Once the first pattern repeat was done, I was able to look back and see how it all worked – that certainly made the second half of the project a lot quicker to come together.


I would say, all told, this pattern would take 1-2 hours to knit. It is really simple to follow, but you have to pay attention to your knitting because of all the yarn overs that go in different directions. It tends to slow you down a little bit. But, it was very easy to watch a movie and knit this at the same time.

When I was seaming the edges of the cover together I kind of guessed at how far in to pull the ends. While I would recommend not being as lazy as me, I knew that the cotton would have a little bit of give to it and should stretch over the swiffer head.


Ta-da! It fits! I won’t show you how it looks after I gave it a run around the kitchen. Let’s just say it works really, REALLY well. All the ridges and dips in the pattern grab up and hold a lot of dirt. In my mind (trust me, it’s fun in there) this kind of cover works better than the pads you can buy – there’s more scrubbing friction created between the swiffer and the floor, which helps to grab up (what little) dirt is available.


I also had a go at doing this and it really works.

You can thank me later 😉

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Knitting another scarf

A couple of months ago, I came across a picture of a scarf that I loved

Source: via Leanne on Pinterest

And realized that I could quite easily knit something very similar for myself.


Basically half the scarf is seed stitch and the other half is rib stitch…extremely simple and easy to knit while catching up on Always Sunny episodes.

Here’s my simple pattern:

CO 115 pm CO 116 pm join in the round
Row 1: k1, p1 to marker, p1, k1 to marker
Row 2: p1, k1 to marker, p1, k1 to marker

Repeat rows 1-2 til end

I just started the second ball of yarn, so another couple of nights knitting away and I should be done. Just in time for warmer weather 😉

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craftaholics anonymous

I’ve been working on some stuff behind the scenes here at the ol blog. I have several years worth of posts archived, but in no real sense of order…so I decided it was high time to start mulling through them and making some category pages that actually make (some) sense.

Then i came across something that I have been trying to avoid for a long time…I have a problem my friends. It’s kind of personal, but the more I share the closer I will be to beginning my healing. I like to refer to it as shame healing.

I am addicted to starting new craft projects. SOB. It’s true.

I haven’t even made it through all my archives yet and already i have three projects that are hidden under various objects in the house. There’s also my quilt too that needs completing and another cross stitch that is about 57% done. It’s time to get this cleaned up.

Don’t hate, just craft.

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Apparently i am on a backwards pinterest loving kick. After last weekends success with the string garden, I decided to have another attempt at making my pallet fantasy come true.

I have my eye on you number 3!On Saturday morning we hit up the Big HD again (we’re the regulars your mothers warned you about) and went shopping for stain. I was looking for a light grey colour to mimic the weathered look that was on the back of the pallet.

I was leaning towards my regular go to of Minwax, but I noticed a new (to my store) product called Varathane. Little did i know at the time, but it is produced by my one true love (Rustoleum, duh)…it was fate.

I love you little canThis stain is the bomb. After giving the pallet a light sand to remove the nasties, I gave the tin a good shake and got to work. It probably took me about an hour and a half to stain the entire piece. After I was done, I took an old rag and rubbed off the additional stain and then left the whole piece overnight to finish drying before I brought it inside.

by the power of greystain!I am actually super pleased with how it all turned out. On Sunday I dragged it into the house and walked around holding it up against different walls. I had originally wanted to hang it on the wall in the Dining Room, but it didn’t look so happy there. The other thought was putting it up on a side wall in the living room. Unfortunately the gray stain and the gray walls didn’t quite have the finished look we were aiming for.

In the end, I held it up on a wall in the hallway which is kind of nakey at the moment. Both Brian and I agreed that it was the perfect home and after a lot of drilling (and subsequent putty-ing), yelling, swearing and attaching…we managed to get it to stay where we wanted it.

Finished shelf = beer timeNow it’s time to start decorating. I have some photos ready to go up…and some other secret surprises. I’m hoping to get everything finished before Friday so that I can show you the AWESOME!

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Fall Pinterest Challenge: Green and Yellow and White and Leafy

For the record, I had something totally different planned for the pinterest challenge. Originally I was going to forge ahead with the Pallet Shelving pin, but after surveying the pallet I have had living outside for the last 12 months I noticed that the side I love the most (all grey and weathered) was the side that would be against the wall. So that pin is shelved for another weekend when Lady Sandy is not headed our way and I can spend some time outdoors sanding and staining.

Instead I decided to have a go at making my own version of a hanging kokedama garden. I mean seriously…how could you not?

First stop – the big Orange for some indoor shade loving plants. This is necessary due to the outer layer of the Kokedama balls being moss. Moss does not do well in bright light…so be kind and go slim (shady). I managed to grab a little fern, as well as another greenish whitish yellowey leafy (that’s a technical plant term) one.

As I’m sure you can guess, I didn’t buy them this way. When I got them home I took them to the backyard and very sternly smacked each of them and told them how disappointed I was. This was the end result. They were suitable shamed and naked. Perfect.


This is the Sphagnum moss i bought. The biggest smallest bag they had, but I’m sure this will now be passed down many generations in my family. I grabbed out a small amount and popped it in a bowl of water. You can also just use a mist spray, but get it a little wet as it is much easier to work with.


Here we are, all 50 shades of moss up in here. Bondage is our specialty. What what!


So the next part is the fun, messy part. Try to channel your inner three year old for this. Truth be told, i didn’t have to try very hard…but at least this time I managed to put the glue out of reach before she came out to play.

The reason there are no in between photos, is that it’s hard to take shots while you are doing this (there are plenty of detailed images at the original source though!). It’s messy, fiddly and a little too much fun. Also, the soil mixture I had was not quite clayey (another technical term) enough, so instead of forming a ball first, I found it worked better if I just formed a ball around the root system I had so cleverly wrapped up.

I had some moss left over from my terrarium project which I soaked in a little water for a while to make it a little more pliable. Just shove that stuff all over and push it into place. Here is where I used some deeply ingrained macrame skills to make a little net for my new balls (heh, balls). I actually ended up using a big fat needle threaded with jute twine to wrap the kokedama around the middle as well – just to give them a little more support. Also, to try and stave off the idea in my brain that involved me coming home from work to find a puddle of soil under the spot the kokedama used to hang 🙂


And the end result? Happy at home with Dawn and Rufus in our mini dining room.


All told it probably took about an hour and a half to make these bad boys. But most of that was figuring out how to create the first one. The second was much speedier. Unfortunately, I have now located several other areas of our house that need hanging kokedama gardens.


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Pinterest Challenge – Fall Edition

So i’m going to do it. This weekend I will dedicate some of my off time to getting one of these projects finished. I have an pretty good idea of which one it will be as I have all the materials I need ready to go. But i guess you’ll have to wait until next week to see what magic i pulled out of my rear 😉

  1. Faux roman shade
  2. Ikea card drawer hack
  3. Pallet shelving
  4. String garden