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25 (different) things about me.

I know i’ve done this before, a long time ago. None of those things have changed…but in the interests of getting to re-know myself, here are some things I know to be true.

  1. If there is no coffee in the morning there needs to be coffee in the morning.
  2. I like to sing loudly (and probably terribly πŸ˜‰ ) in the car on the way to work. Good music helps me set my mindset
  3. I’m a sucker for Dad jokes
  4. One of the first things I do when I get home is buy a can of Passiona….and perhaps a Cherry Ripe!
  5. A well loved book and a beer (or wine, i don’t judge) and I am set for snuggling in the evening
  6. I adore Bruce Campbell – I have yet to meet him, but there’s always 2017…
  7. I am a grade A dork and I have absolutely no problems laughing at myself.
  8. Believe it or not, I love all things French Bulldog.
  9. Tree Trunks is my spirit animal
  10. I still love a good bubble bath (Mr Matey?)
  11. I have been known to re-purpose old redbacks into planters.
  12. The X-files is my all time favourite show…there have been many contenders and a lot of really tight seconds though!
  13. My dad was my jam.
  14. I still think snow at Christmas is magical….even though i detest driving in it.
  15. I currently have two tattoos – both in honor of family members who have passed.
  16. I miss having actual photos printed out to look at. I have several albums that I still enjoy looking through.
  17. I am a nerd. I love nerds. I love to nerd.
  18. Elvis always wants a cookie
  19. I
  20. If I don’t have (at least) 6 different craft projects at various stages of completion, I don’t know what to do with myself.
  21. If there is something to trip over, I will….if there is not, please just say there was.
  22. I love receiving handwritten letters….I’m trying to be better at returning the favour!
  23. My dad was THE lamington hunter.
  24. Buy me a book and I’ll be your friend forever. Read it to me and I’ll never leave your side ❀
  25. I am happy.
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Who loves hot weiners?

So its been a long time.

After my father passed away at the end of last year, I figured out pretty quickly that 2013 wasn’t quite done with handing out the digs. Shortly after I returned back to the states from my fathers funeral, I was faced with the news that my job was about to be no longer.

To be honest, I went a little nuts and sent out about 65 applications within the space of 3-5 days. Some of which I knew I could do, but would just be a job…and others that I really had my heart set on, as I knew they would be that one step further – a job that I would be passionate about. A place where I could grow as Β member of a team and truly contribute something to a company.

I had it narrowed down to three prospects and interviewed for all three. After hearing back from two of the companies with an offer (the third got back to me about 3 weeks ago – thanks for the sense of urgency on that one ;)) I decided to go with my heart and take a paycut for a position that felt right, rather than one that paid more. Β I am now an assistant manager at a Pet Store – a FANTASTIC pet store, one that is still fairly new to the market and really speaks to me with its stand on pet food, animals and store teams. I can truly see myself with this company for a long time to come and there are plenty of opportunities for me to grow here.

After I accepted the job, I was sent off to Rhode Island for three weeks of training! I had never actually been to RI before and it was beautiful. I was lucky to be training/working in a fantastic store with managers and team members who were so supportive and helpful. I was also lucky enough to be paired with the store manager Tom, who introduced me to such delights as the Hot Weiner (weiner – hee). You have to take it all the way, or you’re just messing around. Seriously.
Two hot weiners all the way
Life has changed a lot around the Strewth house. Since my change of job, there has been less stress, less anger and a lot less anxiety. There have also been a lot of new treats and toys for some naughty boys and girls. Apparently working in a pet store with easy access to the wants of the fluffies + an employee discount = much less take home pay πŸ˜‰

These two aren’t complaining..


So the moral of this story? Sometimes things really do happen for a reason.

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My brush with death

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself, ‘Self. This may quite possibly be the most DUMB thing you have ever done’ ?


Just me then.

A few months ago, I joined my local gym after my doctor suggested I started doing Aqua Aerobics to help with my squeaky knees. I love Aqua Aerobics! I even love our drill instructor who actually makes me sweat IN the water. But I decided that that was not enough for me. I decided that I should look into other classes offered and see how I could fill out my week at the gym.

So I pulled up the schedule and had a look at what other classes were offered around the time I finish work…Cycling classes! Oh boy! I can totally do that! You know what they say about famous last words. Right. - I'm sorry you almost died in Spin Class today.

First sign that something may not have been quite right with the class, was when the instructor mentioned that it might get hot and to try and keep hydrated. Oh. That’s when I realized that the air conditioning was not working in that room. Brilliant. But my feet are already strapped in and I am ready to go. I also happen to be one of those people that finds it difficult to leave a class before its over. Even if I may be DYING.

‘I can do this’ I thought to myself. ‘The class is only 30 minutes, I can do this’.

20 minutes in to the class, I am all out of water, I am sweating so much my towel had begun to drip, the crazy lady up the front is STILL smiling at me (grr) and I realize that I can see myself in the mirror and I am redder than a ripe tomato. Fabulous. On the bright side – my face is now colour coordinated with the rest of my outfit.

Shortly after this, the instructor said ‘I tell all of my classes – imagine your loved one is standing at the top of the hill cheering you on’…all i could muster in my head was ‘Jesus Brian! Bring the fucking car down here!’

At 5:58 I start thinking to myself ‘Two more minutes, you can do this..two more minutes’, then I hear the monster at the front of the class yell out ‘heeeeeeeeeeereeeeee comes another big hill! NOTCH IT UP! Thirty more minutes to go!’ THIRTY MORE MINUTES TO GO! Are you fucking kidding me? This class is an hour? Jesus. Call me an ambulance and make sure they have wine on board. I’ll be the one lying on the floor with my feet still stuck in the straps. - Perhaps if you shut the fuck up and actually spin during your spin class you'd finally lose that gigantic ass of yours.

So how was my first cycling class? Awesome. I’m going back on Friday.

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Weekend Window Shopping

Mama-Marr was in town this weekend and like all good ladies do, we went “window” shopping on Sunday. My original goal was to have a hunt through Home Goods for things we didn’t need, but unfortunately we arrived about 45 minutes before Home Goods opened, so we just had to go to World Market while we were waiting.

Seriously…look how inviting this chair is? Oh so soft and a really, really pretty shade of blue. At $329.99 it’s not quite a weekend bargain and considering that I have a house full of fluffy animals a velvet-y chair is not such a fabulous idea. But a gal can dream!


I love, love, love this Lotus Stool and i think it would look amazing in our (someday to be completed) Living Room as a side table. $89.99…but maybe I’ll catch it on sale at some point?


How pretty is this pendant lamp? It was hung pretty high up, so it was not easy to see the overall design, but the blue/turquoise on the inside of the lamp definitely grabbed my attention from a distance. But I got to thinking…if I could find an ornate-ish colander at an antique store, this would not be that hard to DIY. Insert perfect pendant for a kitchen πŸ™‚


I don’t even know what to say about this lamp. Elephant. So Green. So cute! Price wise, I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to spend $80 on a table lamp, but if I found the right base…making a lamp like this would not be a huge task.


What’s that? It’s 11am? Time to head back to Home Goods.

First up I spotted these way-too-cute water/juice/lemon bottles. They were only $3.99 each. No, I didn’t add one to my shopping cart, but I am tempted to go back and grab one of the ‘water’ bottles to add to our Guest Bedroom.


O.M.G. This chair. I have never seen anything like it in a Home Goods before, and probably never will again. It’s very mad-men-esque, and was upholstered in a gorgeous heavy duty wool based fabric. The price tag, at $989, was WELL out of my budget and unless our cats would like to start wearing mittons…let’s just say that a piece like this would not last long with our naughty felines.


But! On to my actual pickups this weekend…

An absolutely stunning hand painted plate that Mama Marr spotted (eagle-eye that one!), that will be perfect for our Dining Room. My goal is to have our artwork/photos/etc. hung on the wall before Mama Marr and the General come back to visit next. I should probably start pulling out the items I want to hang so that I can figure out what I still need, but thats a post for another day.


What else did I spot? A ceramic egg crate ($4.39 my fabulous friends) that I can use in my room to arrange my jewellry into something other than a tangled mess! I have been on the hunt for one of these ever since I saw Sherry’s on Young House Love. Mine is a little smaller, but I can always upgrade πŸ˜‰


So there we have it – great weekend spent with family, gorgeous weather, Carcasonne World Championship and even a little window shopping therapy to finish out a Sunday.

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Reddit Coffee and Tea Exchange

So I like to reddit. And, recently I decided to take it a step further and sign up for one of the reddit gift exchanges that was happening – a coffee and tea exchange. Right up my alley. In case you were not aware, I am a slight coffee fanatic. One of the first things we (the royal we – Brian actually did all the work) did in our house after we bought it, was build a mug wall for our eclectic collection of mugs.


This makes me oh so happy.

So i received my match last week and I got to put together a package for a tea lover. Luckily, we have an awesome tea shop in Old Town – Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice so that was my first destination on my hunt for suitable gifties….


Did I do ok?

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To Carry on or not to carry on…

So I’m heading home shortly….and its a long-ass flight. My total travel time this go round is about 27 hours – yay! So the one thing I always make sure, is that I have more than enough to keep myself busy. I am pretty good at sleeping on flights, but I tend to stay awake regardless. So what am I taking in my carry on bag…

1. Ponds fresh wipes – these are FANTASTIC for long flights. I try to minimize the amount of liquids and stuff I take on so that there is less time caught up in security (don’t worry – it still doesn’t work). These wipes are basically my make-do face wash for the flight itself and layovers.

2. Carmex lip balm – I cannot stress this enough. LIP BALM! LIP BALM! LIP BALM! Air travel can be REALLY drying and if you are anything like me (don’t be like me) you minimize the amount of liquids you drink so that you don’t have to use those airplane toilets (eesh). I know. I am a bad..don’t tell my mum.

3. Professor Layton – this is some serious entertainment. I love love love this series – I have all the games so far except for the newest one as I do not yet have a Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps one day, probably by the time I finish the last Layton game i own, I will convince myself its a necessary purchase πŸ˜‰

4. Big Red – no words necessary. I am addicted to Big Red, and its the best way to keep your mouth cinnamony (real word) fresh while flying. SRS.

5. Burt’s Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer. I know I said I try to minimize liquids while flying, but this is a must have. Hand Sanitizer that contains no alcohol, doesn’t dry your hands out and actually smells good? Sign me up!

6. Travel hair brush. As much as I know my parents love me, I would prefer to step off the plane looking as least like Cousin It as possible. Hence the hair brush – it even has a handy dandy mirror, Blue!

7. Pen – Helloooooo Custom Forms. Also, try not to spill OJ all over yourself and the Custom Forms right after take off and just before a 14 hour flight. Not that that happened to me or anything..

8. Kindle – I never travel without a book or five hundred. I have jammed my Kindle full of books and tried to keep it out of my site for the last month so that I am not tempted to read everything before I step on the plane. So far so good…but there are still 3 more sleeps to go…

So…my bags are (mostly) packed and I am (somewhat) ready to go!

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5 sleeps to go..

Had a pretty busy weekend…it’s my last weekend on this side of the earth (for a while), so I had a lot to get accomplished. Still haven’t packed my bags yet πŸ˜‰

Headed down to Alexandria for a Dr’s appt and some extra coffee. There’s never enough coffee, especially on the weekend.

Christmas tree up! Don’t mind the bare bottom 1/3 – thats our “cat line”. All ornaments from this point upwards are generally safe. Although now that I’ve typed that, tonight will find the tree tipped over and all the ornaments hiding under the couch.

Bar-denza almost complete! We got the wine racks up this weekend…still need to come up with a great idea to cover the top of the bar, but all in all it’s looking great.

Yeah…it’s been a busy day for cats – goodnight Count Sterling.